Download the "Digitally Transforming Agricultural Cooperatives through Service Design and No-Code" eBook

Digitally Transforming Agricultural Cooperatives through Service Design and No-Code

The agri co-op industry all over the world is facing extraordinary change. The pandemic has fundamentally altered the way these cooperatives serve their customers and manage their internal operations. There is a rush to quickly adapt to changes in the way they do business to ensure business continuity, become resilient in dynamic times, and become ready to face anything in the future.

While most have started making the digital shift to survive the onslaught of the pandemic and the business environment that it brings, this is a mere band-aid solution to what needs to be a longer-term strategic shift. Not only should agricultural co-operatives provide digital self-service options to their customers, but they should also empower their farmers/growers, picking and packing agents, other employees, and vendors in their distribution chain with ways to perform efficiently. The true challenge is to transform your business in such a way that it does not only exceed the expectations of customers and internal stakeholders, but also keeps you prepared for an uncertain future.

To help your agri co-op company navigate this crisis, we have created this eBook where we will show how digital transformation can help you not just survive – but thrive – in the new normal.

While this e-book is primarily for business managers and leaders of companies in the agriculture and the farming co-op industry, we are certain that digital transformation professionals and consultant, IT managers and students would all benefit from the concepts presented in this e-book: 

Section 1

  • Key challenges in the agricultural cooperative industry

  • The potential of digital innovations in agricultural co-ops

Section 2

  • Selecting the best agricultural co-operative software for your company- Some tips

  • Full code custom build VS. Custom off-the-shelf VS. No-code: Challenges in going digital 

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