Digitally Transform Auto Maintenance Activities
The No-Code Way

Traditional Dealership Management Software doesn’t work for your unique processes because they are difficult and expensive to customize and integrate. Steer is here to change all that!


The Steer No-Code Difference

Steer is a robust, easy-to-use, and fully-customizable alternative to automotive maintenance software so you can streamline your entire operations in a matter of weeks

Boost Agility

Boost Agility

Take an agile, iterative approach to digital transformation by building software with better flexibility & fit to your unique processes.

Expand Value of Core Systems

Expand Value of Core Systems

Integrate Steer with your existing systems so that you can extend their value to all stakeholders and maximize past investments

Start Small and Grow

Start Small and Grow

With Steer’s modular nature, you can fully digitalize the most critical processes (such as MRO) first then move to other functions

Capabilities for Digitalizing Auto Maintenance, Repair, and Operations

Say goodbye to guesswork and paperwork through faster scheduling, greater control over costs and crystal-clear visibility of the entire asset management & equipment maintenance operations

Work Order Management

Repair/Work Order Management

Record maintenance and repair work orders from various sources and track the progress and inputs for each job such as labor and equipment

Repair Order and Billing Estimates

Repair Order and Billing Estimates

Give your customers a clear breakdown of your service costs instantly and allow them to make informed decisions with detailed estimates

Preventive Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

See asset history and schedule periodic or at-need inspections & maintenance work to ensure critical assets are performing at optimal levels

Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards & Reports

Generate actionable insights from data generated across the organization through dashboards and reports customizable via drag- and drop

Work History

Work History

Enable technicians to access vehicles' service history anytime to track previous maintenance or repairs done and use as reference for the next work to be made

Vehicle Records

Vehicle Records

Have all vehicle records, such as make, model, insurance information, and vehicle identification number, in one place for quick access when needed

Other Capabilities

Other Capabilities

Steer lets you manage projects and provide costing through the platform. It can also be easily integrated with your existing CRM, and accounting, POS and retail management systems

Mobile Features for Auto Maintenance, Repair, and Operations

Mobile App for Technicians

The Steer Mobile extension app enables Property & Facility Technicians to:

  • Accomplish checklists for MRO service​s rendered
  • Scan bar/QR codes and upload service-related files and images
  • Access manuals and videos ​while conducting repair and maintenance services

Mobile App for Customers

The Steer Mobile extension app enables customers to: ​

  • Book Property & Facility maintenance or repair services online
  • Receive notifications on servicing schedule in-app, or vie e-mail or SMS
  • Track job completion status and validate it via E-signature capabilities

100% customizable -
no engineers required

Want something custom-built but don’t want the cost, headache, and waiting time of building software from scratch? Steer is here to help!

100% customizable - no engineers required

Industry Applications

Industry Applications
  • Car Dealerships

  • Motorcycle Dealerships

  • Truck/Bus Dealerships

  • Heavy Equipment Dealerships

Automate your automotive maintenance processes in weeks


How Steer ties maintenance management to profitability

How Steer ties maintenance management to profitability

Real-time tracking and automated warnings

Instantly send notifications to prevent asset downtime which can cost millions of dollars in lost revenues and address possible breaches in SLA, budget, and inventory thresholds

Mobile & smart logs for accurate and timely data

Empower technicians to directly log maintenance work inputs you need to track in real-time as well as fetch data straight from equipment through Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

Easy integration to existing systems

Connect and expand the value of your existing systems (DMS, accounting, ERP, etc) to prevent tedious, delayed, and error-prone manual encoding

Who can use Steer’s MRO Solution?

In-House Maintenance Teams

In-House Maintenance Teams

Digitalize your internal MRO activities and provide better visibility across your team and other departments

3rd-Party Servicing Teams

3rd-Party Servicing Teams

Boost customer satisfaction by providing maintenance work that is streamlined through digital solutions

Ready to bring your end-to-end maintenance operations online?


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About Steer

Steer helps companies like yours transform the way you do business through its No-Code Operations Digitalization Platform.

We envision a world where you are no longer limited by expensive, long-drawn, and risky custom software development or by rigid off-the-shelf software that cannot be customized to fit your unique business processes. Our flagship MRO automation suite offers a robust, customizable, and no-code CMMS alternative that will help companies in their digitalization efforts for their maintenance, repair, and operations activities.

Steer was created by the same team behind BlastAsia. Established in 2001, BlastAsia is one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development and Cloud Platform.