Get a grip over your construction business with connected construction

Digital Transformation in the Construction Industry is not just about cobbling together digital tools and software. It’s about being able to connect the dots across different activities and achieving clarity to make the best business decisions possible.

Connected Construction is about aligning various aspects of your construction activities, stakeholders, and systems in one place

Managing your operations by having different people in different areas of construction use disjointed tools can lead to things falling through the cracks. It’s time to connect everything in a single platform and have a seamless experience running your construction business.

Connected Construction

Don’t miss out on the various benefits of achieving Connected Construction

There’s a myriad of advantages that having a Connected Construction can bring to your organization - whether you’re an EPC/General Contractor, or a Developer/Owner, or a Fit-out Contractor. The gains range from cost savings & higher profitability, to boosting customer satisfaction, to empowering your teams to work collaboratively and at an optimal level.

Be More Informed and In Control of Your Operations with Steer


Increase in employee productivity

Save up to 2 hours time spent filling out paper forms every day through paperless and automated workflows & escalation process


Increase in employee productivity

With Steer, improve visibility in jobsite activities through
  • Real-time status updates (with photo attachments) in Activity Feed
  • Schedule, budget, & KPI tracking

Put an end to guesswork and paperwork in your company

Steer is the all-in-one construction management software that not only digitizes your operations but also helps connect the dots across activities, stakeholders, and systems

Benefits to Materials & Waste Management

6.0%- 9.7%

cost savings on materials

Steer’s Material Requisition & Order Processing, as well as Site Inventory Management streamlines the materials management processes. In addition, its Design & Change Order coordination features prevents rework that also contribute to materials usage and cost.

up to 10%

improvement in materials reuse

Steer’s Waste Tracking features enable tighter monitoring of how much waste is generated by each material type and deliverable, as well as the status corresponding reuse, recycling, and disposal of waste for better regulatory compliance


Benefits to Progress Monitoring


time reduction in decision-making

Steer enables informed decisions based on aggregated data from all stakeholders, checklists, and escalations

Time Prediction

Steer, through the Work Plan (GANTT), enables you to predict timelines and work towards realistic delivery dates

Virtual Daily
Project Review

Through Steer’s Activity Feed, Reports, and Dashboard/KPI Tracker drawing from live data, keep tabs of your project progress in real-time

Agile digital transformation for construction companies

Steer’s modular nature lets you implement solutions to your biggest business challenges first, and expand the usage from within one project or across multiple projects

Benefits to Progress Monitoring


cost savings for inspection operations

Benefiting field and office teams, Steer offers a digital tool to manage inspections, punch lists, and plan viewing help improve overall coordination


improvement in the final snagging process

Because all stakeholders in Steer share the same view of the snag list and its progress, the typical 26-day snagging process can be lowered to 10 days


Benefits to Customer Compliance

Real-time end-
customer updates

Steer’s web, mobile & tablet apps provide real-time updates via the Activity Feed and Notifications for customers to experience tighter project monitoring and more accurate delivery dates


Steer provides visual documentation of deliverables and Plan & BIM Viewer, improving overall transparency & RERA compliance and providing customers with better control over the project

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About Steer

Modernize your business and be more productive, in control, and profitable with Steer’s construction management software. Steer takes a holistic approach to construction management by synchronizing various aspects of construction projects, stakeholders, and systems. With Steer, you will gain unbeatable visibility and a better understanding of your construction projects anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Steer’s modules – which can be rolled out in your company in different phases – include:

Resource Management, Workflow, Communication & Mobility, Quality, Safety, & Risk, Automation & Integration, Visualization, and Advanced Tech.

Steer (as well as the QuickReach no-code platform behind it) was created by the same team behind BlastAsia. Established in 2001, BlastAsia is one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development, Application Integration, and Cloud Platform.