Digitally Transform Fleet Maintenance Activities
The No-Code Way

Go paperless and turn your fleet maintenance operations into a key profit center with unbeatable responsiveness, transparency, and efficiency


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Go Digital & Optimize
Fleet Maintenance Operations

Steer’s Solution Templates can be customized to fit your unique processes in hours - no coding skills required

Work Order Management

Work Order Management

Enhanced Visibility

Dashboards & Reports

Generate actionable insights from data generated across the organization through dashboards and reports customizable via drag- and drop

Vehicle Records

Vehicle Records

Have all vehicle records, such as make, model, insurance information, and vehicle identification number, in one place for quick access when needed

Preventive/Scheduled Maintenance

Preventive/Scheduled Maintenance

Automate various levels of periodic inspections & maintenance activities and see the work history across all properties and assets

Work History

Work History

Enable technicians to access vehicles’ service history anytime to track previous maintenance or repairs done and use as reference for the next work to be made

Integration with Fleet Management Software

Integration with Fleet Management Software

Easily integrate Steer with your current fleet management system via API or RPA integration for a more streamlined fleet maintenance operations

- There’s a lot more templates available inside Steer covering other business areas -

Easy Integration to Accounting Software

Break down operational silos by easily connecting your processes in Steer with your accounting software and other existing software (with APIs) to build an end-to-end system

Steer is the first and only no-code fleet maintenance operations software 

Steer is no-code alternative to fleet maintenance management software so you can streamline your entire operations instantly - NO CODING SKILLS NEEDED

90 Percent90% Faster vs Custom Development

Build & pilot a digital solution in a matter of HOURS

100 Percent100% More Flexible than Ready-to-Use Software

Continuously refine new and rolled out solutions on your own

100 PercentBuild a 100% Integrated Enterprise

end to end connected digital operation, integrate with other systems

Automate repetitive tasks to improve responsiveness & lower service costs

Steer is a smarter, more robust alternative to RPA because it automates end-to-end processes to create a fully-connected digital enterprise


Mobile Features

Predictive Maintenance using IoT
and Machine Learning

Prevent expensive unplanned downtimes and optimize energy consumption by constantly monitoring critical equipment data and automatically triggering maintenance & repair workflows as soon as certain operational anomalies are detected

Predictive Maintenance using IoT and Machine Learning

Onboarding, Training, & Migration Services

The Steer Team is ready to help you go digital easier and faster through premium services that span different needs


Improve Customer Experience & Loyalty through Service Design

Steer is built to be a Service Design implementation platform to improve service operations

Apply Service Design Blueprint

Analyze & digitize processes

Measure Performance

Identify bottlenecks and get feedback from customers

Continuous Optimization

Adapt and innovate by easily tweaking digitized processes

Improve Customer Experience & Loyalty through Service Design


CMMS vs. EAM vs. No-Code MRO Software - Which One is the Best for Your Organization?

When it comes to managing your assets, you want to be sure you are choosing the right kind of enterprise application. EAM, CMMS, and No-Code MRO Solutions are all asset management/maintenance systems and are alike in many ways.


The Business Case for Investing in a No-Code MRO Application Suite

Technological and/or digital interventions have made significant inroads into corporate boardrooms across industries. Companies looking to use software applications around Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) are no different.


A Service Provider's Guide to Increasing Profitability by Digitalizing Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Service providers are under tremendous pressure – competition in the market has never been more intense. There is an ever-increasing pressure from the customers for better service quality standards at competitive prices.


The No-Code Way to Digitalize Maintenance Operations

Maintenance technicians face innumerable challenges every day- missing parts, cost overruns, backlogs, and breakdowns. Increasingly, asset-intensive industries have been turning to technologies in their effort to increase the reliability and availability of their equipment, while keeping maintenance costs under control.


Transforming Maintenance, Repair and Operations Through No-Code eBook

Transforming Maintenance, Repair and Operations Through No-Code eBook

Read about the importance of digital transformation and how a customizable suite of MRO solutions can start a company's journey in becoming future-ready.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is fleet maintenance management software?

A fleet maintenance management software helps you organize, manage, and run your business in the office and in the field. It enables you to manage end-to-end activities for your business, including scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, billing, and much more.

How does fleet maintenance management software help to grow my business?

Steer provides the best maintenance, repair, and operations tools in one easy-to-use and affordable fleet maintenance management software. Save time by giving customers the option to book requests via a mobile app where they can request maintenance checks or repairs, track request statuses, and receive notifications on their appointment schedule.

Steer also enables you to manage and communicate with field technicians more effectively. It provides them access to field service tools such as checklists and manuals via their mobile devices to ensure efficiency and productivity.

Does Steer fleet maintenance management software integrate with accounting software?

Yes, Steer can integrate with any accounting system that has a REST API for a quicker implementation.

Can I set up recurring fleet maintenance and repair jobs with reminders?

Yes, Steer enables you to create various equipment records where you can set maintenance schedules which can trigger a maintenance and/or repair job order.

What exactly is a no-code platform and how can it help my business?

A no-code development platform like Steer allows programmers and non-programmers to create applications and/or software through visual builders with graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming.

No-code platforms empowers business users like you to create solutions for your business without having to write code and roll them out faster and at a fraction of the cost of building software from ground up.

Can Steer be used for digital transformation

Yes, Steer can help you and your organization go digital faster with our no-code approach. We recommend that you start with a manageable process such as Inventory or Service Booking for Maintenance and Repairs. From there, you can test out and improve your processes, and eventually expand to other functions and departments.

We also have the Go Digital Academy where you can learn how to get started with digital transformation through Steer’s Go Digital Plan.

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About Steer

Steer offers an all-in-one software for commercial & residential HVAC, construction, plumbing and other field service businesses. Features include Marketing & Sales, Operations, Customer Service, and Reporting. Everything in Steer is fully customizable, no coding required.

Steer helps companies in four areas – grow sales through better lead generation & selling tools,​ boost operations in the field or at the HQ,​ create unbeatable customer experiences,​ and generate actionable insights in real time.

Steer was created by the same team behind BlastAsia. Established in 2001, BlastAsia is one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development and Cloud Platform.