Download the "Key Factors in Choosing Field Service Automation" eBook

Companies in the field services management industry are facing extraordinary change globally. The pandemic has changed the way these companies deliver services to their customers and manage their internal operations. There is a mad rush to quickly adapt and improve the way they do business to ensure business continuity, become resilient in dynamic times, and become ready to face anything in the future.

While most companies have started shifting online to survive the challenges brought by the pandemic, this is a mere temporary fix to what needs to be a longer-term strategic shift. Not only should companies provide digital self-service options to their customers, but they should also empower their on-field technicians, agents and other employees with ways to do their work efficiently. The true challenge is to transform businesses not only to exceed  customer and internal stakeholder expectations, but also to prepare for an uncertain future. 

To help field service companies navigate this crisis, we have created this e-book where we showcase some of the key factors in helping them choose the best field services management solution.

While this e-book is primarily for business managers and leaders of companies in the field services management industry, we are certain that digital transformation professionals & consultants, IT managers, and students will all benefit from the concepts presented in this e-book:

I. An innovative approach to field service management

II. Digitally transforming for the future - Getting started