Custom-fit project control for improved profitability

Gain full visibility on inputs to each job and have a crystal-clear understanding of costs through Steer’s Maintenance, Repair, and Operations solution


Project control that fits your operations like a glove

Account for Parts and Materials

Account for Parts & Materials

Track the releasing of parts and materials to technicians at each job performed

Monitor Labor and Equipment Usage

Monitor Labor & Equipment Usage

Get up-to-date time logs of technicians and equipment used related to a job

Track Actual Costs vs Plans-1

Track Actual Costs
vs Plans

Compare actual expense vs. estimates to ensure that budgets are not breached

100% customizable -
no engineers required

Implement with ease because your unique process is maintained and all relevant information are gathered in one place

100% customizable - no engineers required

Customer Success Story

Streamlining service management for yacht repair and logistics

Streamlining service management for yacht repair and logistics

Asia Pacific Marine, Inc. (APM) uses Steer to build digital solutions that improve efficiency and productivity in delivering the highest quality yacht repair and logistics services

How Steer ties project control to profitability

How Steer ties project control to profitability

Track Actual Costs vs Plans

Automatically trigger notifications and actions to proactively address possible breaches in set SLA, budget, inventory and other operational thresholds

Mobile logs for accurate and timely data

Empower technicians and staff (in the field or on the shopfloor) to directly log all information you need to track in real-time such as task updates and used parts & consumables

Easy integration to existing systems

Connect and expand the value of your existing systems (accounting, ERP, etc) to prevent tedious and error-prone manual encoding

Other Solution Templates for Heavy Equipment & Engineering Industries

Chat Bot-Enabled Customer Service

Chat Bot-Enabled Customer Service

Enable customers to instantly get answers to the most frequently asked questions or update their contact information via chat bot on your social media page or instant messaging account

Replenishments and Transfers

Replenishments & Transfers

Empower branches to easily request for units or parts and have the ability to decide whether to pick the inventory from the central warehouse or do a transfer from another branch

Pick & Pack to Dispatching

Pick & Pack to Dispatching

Provide warehouse staff with the right checklist to do their pick & pack activities before handing over to in-house or 3rd-party logistics team for delivery to your customer or branch

Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking

Get full visibility of technician- branch- and warehouse-level inventory information in order to guide planning purchasing, replenishment, and logistics decision-making processes

Service Order Processing

Service Order Processing

Provide customers with a convenient way of booking maintenance or request services via web/mobile and streamline technician scheduling & job assignment

Service Delivery

Service Delivery

Empower technicians in the field or in the repair facility with the right checklist to ensure service quality, including access to manuals and photo uploads for proof of completion

Mobile Features

Mobile App for Technicians

The Steer Mobile extension app enables Heavy Equipment & Engineering Technicians to:

  • Accomplish checklists for MRO service​s rendered
  • Scan bar/QR codes and upload service-related files and images
  • Access manuals and videos ​while conducting repair and maintenance services

Mobile App for Customers

The Steer Mobile extension app enables customers to: ​

  • Book Heavy Equipment & Engineering maintenance or repair services online
  • Receive notifications on servicing schedule in-app, or vie e-mail or SMS
  • Track job completion status and validate it via E-signature capabilities

Automate dealership and servicing processes


Additional Features and Use Cases

Top Industries

Top Industries

  • Diesel Engine

  • Elevators & escalators

  • Large Vehicles (Trucks, Buses, etc.)

  • Land Moving Equipment

  • Water Purification Equipment

  • Boat and Yacht Equipment

  • HVAC

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About Steer

Steer helps companies like yours transform the way you do business through its No-Code Operations Digitalization Platform.

We envision a world where you are no longer limited by expensive, long-drawn, and risky custom software development or by rigid off-the-shelf software that cannot be customized to fit your unique business processes. Our flagship MRO automation suite offers a robust, customizable, and no-code CMMS alternative that will help companies in their digitalization efforts for their maintenance, repair, and operations activities.

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