Build custom
business apps
without the headache

The Steer platform lets non-programmers easily build transformative digital solutions - minus the high upfront costs and the long development time

no credit card required

Explore the different modules inside
our no-code platform

Build an app fully integrated to your backend in weeks. No engineers needed.

Explore the different modules inside our no-code platform

Key Features of Our No-Code Platform to Build Apps

Steer is a no-code development platform that enables swift and easy creation 
of solutions - whether it’s stand-alone workflows, or record app, or a collection of apps

Key Features Available to Customers & Employees

Provide your users with the right web and mobile tools to avail services or perform services

 Accelerate your company’s digital transformation
starting at $50/month

no credit card required

What Makes Steer Users Successful?

Steer is the easiest, most agile way to transform your paper-based operations into a digital workspace.
Here are the advantages of using Steer versus other options:

Better than paperwork

Better than paperwork

Replace tedious & error-prone manual processes with streamlined workflows

☑️ Reduce operational costs

☑️ Improve customer experience

☑️ Empower employees to work anywhere

☑️ Boost overall data accuracy

☑️ Convert data into actionable insights
Faster than coding

Faster than coding

Easily build a working, scalable, and secure solution in hours (not months)

☑️ Access free solution templates

☑️ Worry-free maintenance & hosting

☑️ Instantly make changes & scale

☑️ Enterprise-grade security out of the box

☑️ Enable business users to DIY
Richer than other platforms

Richer than other platforms

Address more complex solution requirements without breaking the bank

☑️ Much more advanced form design

☑️ Robust automation & integration

☑️ Modern & highly-scalable architecture

☑️ AI and IoT add-ons available

☑️ Get stellar customer success services

About Steer

Steer helps companies like yours transform the way you do business through ordering & fulfillment automation.

We envision a world where your customers love your brand because you provide them with seamless and pleasant experiences through 24/7 access to products and services and transparent & convenient payment. At the same time, our platform helps you achieve smooth-like-butter operations supported by reduced waste & costs, better scalability, and higher profitability.

Steer was created by the same team behind BlastAsia. Established in 2001, BlastAsia is one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and  is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development and Cloud Platform.