Distribution Management

The global pandemic is reshaping supply chain activities across the world. For manufacturers, this means reassessing processes that cover the two major sides of the supply chain: source-to-manufacturing and manufacturing-to-distribution.

In order to drive efficiency and safety, as well as thrive in the new normal of doing business, digitizing, automating, and integrating the supply chain has become imperative. That's why companies are now accelerating their digital transformation initiatives in supplier and distributor focus areas.

Building or buying digital solutions have been the traditional options for businesses, but what if there's a third option, one that takes the best out of these two choices?

No-code development is an agile process that lets you build custom integrated digital solutions swiftly, minus the headaches of high upfront costs and complex maintenance and security activities. It is the key to successful implementation of digital transformation activities.

Join us in a FREE INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP called No-Code Development Workshop: Distribution Management on October 2, 2020 , Friday, 1-4PM (SGT, UTC+8).

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Why no-code is the future of building apps for your company

  • How no-code plays a vital role in digital transformation

  • How to create a digital solution using a no-code builder platform

Here's a sample for distribution management that you can build inside Steer


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