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New Platform Features Roundup - Jan. 2021

With the past year’s upheaval and movement into digital interactions, Steer has tools to help organizations keep up with the new way to engage customers: Customer Access Tools

With Customer Access Tools, your organization can maintain a more seamless customer experience through different channels:

1. A custom mobile app

2. Website widget

3. Embedded form in website

4. Chatbot (coming soon!)

With these tools can transform your customer interactions into actionable tickets that move from one status to another.

Why use these tools?

You may already have existing channels such as social media, chat, email, and telephone. However, the disconnect between these channels and your operations can lead to a very frustrating experience for your customer.

1. Promotes transparency: Your customers don’t need to keep following up on the status of their order or request because they can simply login to their account and view the status. This can build trust with your customers as they see how their concerns are being handled.

2. Streamlines customer communication: In the same vein, customers no longer need to send separate requests for updates. This can keep your customer-facing teams focused on other activities such as upselling.

3. Enhances visibility for internal teams: Everyone in the operations team can review any past interactions and gain better insight on the customer. You can greatly reduce back and forth communications with the front-facing teams on customer history as all interactions are in one view.

4. Enables more agile decision making and operations

Custom Mobile App

Steer enables you to create your own iOS or Android mobile app without coding, and in 3 easy steps! Choose your preferred OS (we only support iOS and Android for now) and your preferred layout. Next, set your own branding for the app. Once done, your app will be submitted to the respective app stores for review and publishing.

Website Widget

Steer lets you customize your beacon according to your needs. Assign fonts, colors, and other widget assets.

Maybe your customers don’t want to download a new app. They can simply login their account by visiting your website and accessing the widget. This sits on top of your website, no need for additional website design!

To set this up, you simply have to design the widget’s branding and generate the code. You can then paste this in your HTML code for your website.

Embedded Form on Website

Easily create a form to be embedded on your website. Just choose from Steer's available form templates to get started.

You can also set up a form that is directly embedded in your website. This can be helpful when setting up a Contact Us form or Support Request form, where users do not need to create an account. Simply expose a workflow to External Users, set your organization’s branding, and generate the code. You can paste this code into the page where you want to insert this form, and it will be visible to anyone visiting your site.

Read more about these new Customer Access Tools and see how easy it is to set them up HERE.

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About Steer

Steer helps companies like yours transform the way you do business through ordering & fulfillment automation.

We envision a world where your customers love your brand because you provide them with seamless and pleasant experiences through 24/7 access to products and services and transparent & convenient payment. At the same time, our platform helps you achieve smooth-like-butter operations supported by reduced waste & costs, better scalability, and higher profitability.

Steer was created by the same team behind BlastAsia. Established in 2001, BlastAsia is one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and  is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development and Cloud Platform.







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