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Steer New Product Features Monthly Roundup - Oct. - Nov. 2020

Updated: Nov 19

At Steer, we do what it takes to enhance the Steer No-Code Development Platform to deliver the current needs of our customers. With this, we bring you the latest roster of updates and enhancements on our platform.

Here’s how Steer improved this month:


Notification Management. We have improved the notification feature of the platform by allowing Steer Users to configure and personalize notifications depending on the process. Users may now assign names to notifications for easy tracking, identify how the notifications will be sent either in-app or via email or SMS, identify the receiver whether it's the Approver, Viewer, or Submitter and personalize the message in each notification.

Work Scheduler. Steer now gives you the power to manage your team's productivity and performance better and smarter with the Work Scheduler. With this new feature, Steer Users may now set an employee's Shift Plan via Steer, assign start and end time, set locations, thus providing a comprehensive overview of an employee's work whereabouts useful for managing teams and assigning new tasks.


Adding reminders for SLA. The Steer Team made the SLA feature even more powerful by adding more capabilities such as reminders and conditions. Previously, you may only set a timer per ticket i.e. 4 hours, 2 Days, etc. With the update, Steer Users may now also set reminders whether to send in-app, email, or SMS notification depending on the set no. of minutes, hours, or days before the ticket due. Steer also now enables Users to set reminders past SLA to ensure that customer expectations are met.

Anonymous request submission. Previously, Steer required External Users to create an account and log in to be able to request services via the Steer Platform. The Steer Team has made the Steer Platform even more inclusive with its anonymous request submission update, enabling external users to file requests and track request status without creating an account.

Simpler workflow and record app creation. The Steer No-Code Development Platform is already easy-to-use as it is, however, the team made it even easier by simplifying the building experience from a 4-step process to a 3-step journey consisting of 1. Form Builder 2. Process Flow 3. User Settings. This way, the workflow/record app creation process is even more streamlined and app roll out is made even faster.


Solution Designer- Coming this November 15

The Solution Designer is for anyone who wants to prototype and go live as soon as possible. App designers can do a "quick-build" with recommended starting fields for record and workflow apps, allowing teams to be more agile

Enhancement: Process Designer

We've enhanced the Process Designer to make it easier and faster for you to design your workflow apps.

  1. You can assign users when you add actors

  2. Set which actors can edit or view form sections

Global Automation. Global Automation will ease setting up automation and integrations rules on Steer. App designers will soon be able to create automation rules which can be reused for any workflow app.

Global Reports. Monitoring the health of your processes and operations is very important, and ensuring that the necessary information are in one place. With Global Reports, you can design report templates from your workflow and record apps, generate basic reports that you can export to. You can also create different graphs and charts to represent your data.

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About Steer

The Steer Team seeks to help you create enormous business value – along with creating potentially life-changing experiences for customers.

We at Steer envision a world where innovators like you are not restricted by the inability to write code in order to create impactful digital solutions.

We have built a platform that allows you and your team to create and experiment with powerful digital solutions that address business challenges, create great customer experiences and cater to new markets that were not viable before. We strive to work with you to build a better world - one digital solution at a time.

Steer was created by the same team behind BlastAsia. Established in 2001, BlastAsia is one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and is ISO-certified in Quality Management Systems and in Information Security Management Systems. BlastAsia is also a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development and Cloud Platform.







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