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At Steer, we’re committed to being responsible keepers of your data. Every Steer user has the right to know where their data is stored, how it’s managed, and how it’s used


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Transparency & Reliability

Steer believes that transparency and reliability are essential in building digital solutions. To ensure dependability in each digital solution created on the platform, Steer uses Microsoft Azure that improves the reliability of workloads by implementing high availability, disaster recovery, backup, and monitoring on the trusted Azure cloud.

Azure unceasingly brings innovative new services and security by regularly updating its infrastructure. It also minimizes the impact of these improvements on customers by using a rigorous change automation process. (read more)


Steer is dedicated in making your experience safe and secure, making sure that all users have the information they need to be confident transacting and doing business using the platform. With this, we have robust security technologies and practices in place to protect your most important asset - your data.

Enterprise-Grade Data Center Security

  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure Data Center

  • WAF and Advance Threat Detection Service

App Security

  • SSL Protection 

  • Granular Access Control 

  • OWASP Security Risk Checks

Database Security

Cybersecurity Operations

  • Regular Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing 

  • Constant Security Events Monitoring

  • Managed Incident Response and Risk Assessment

  • Automatic data purge after pushing to core system (upon request)


Steer continuously undergoes audits and reviews of its policies and controls, including data security and privacy regulations.

ISO Certifications
BlastAsia, the company behind Steer, is certified in Quality Management Systems (QMS) ISO 9001:2015, and in Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Outsourced Product Development, Research and Development, and Software Quality Testing. BlastAsia is also a Gold-Certified Partner in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), proving our commitment in delivering the highest quality products and services for outsourcing. 
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Microsoft Azure
Microsoft has more than 90 compliance certifications, including over 50 specific to global regions and countries, such as the US, the European Union, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, India, and China. In addition, Microsoft has over 35 compliance offerings specific to industries, including health, government, finance, education, manufacturing, and media. 
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About Steer

Steer helps companies like yours transform the way you do business through ordering & fulfillment automation.

We envision a world where your customers love your brand because you provide them with seamless and pleasant experiences through 24/7 access to products and services and transparent & convenient payment. At the same time, our platform helps you achieve smooth-like-butter operations supported by reduced waste & costs, better scalability, and higher profitability.

Steer was created by the same team behind BlastAsia. Established in 2001, BlastAsia is one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and  is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development and Cloud Platform.







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