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Steer is the most flexible construction management software
providing unbeatable visibility over your projects 

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A Construction Management Software Your Team Actually Wants to Use

Designed for residential & commercial construction projects,
Steer helps you save on costs and manage risks

Steer Benefits Icons_Complete and Extendible

Complete & Extendible

Steer has 30+ modules covering different areas of construction management, plus it’s easy to integrate with existing software and add more solutions as you need them.

Steer Benefits Icons_Fast Implementation

Fast Implementation

Steer is very easy to setup and it can be implemented in a matter of DAYS so you can jump right into managing your projects’ efficiency & quality

Steer Benefits Icons_Configurable to Your Needs

Configurable to Your Needs

Don’t force your team to switch systems! Let them continue with their existing apps and manage other aspects of your construction project in Steer.


Designed to drive up
efficiency & quality

Whether you’re a developer/owner’s representative managing project risks, or a builder managing site resources, Steer has got you covered


Synchronize various aspects of your project to save on costs & manage risks

Steer brings together all activities and stakeholders of residential & commercial construction projects in one platform

Real Estate Consultants

Project Management Consultants

Steer gives you a competitive edge by providing a tool that ensures project success through greater visibility and collaborative decision-making

Real Estate Developers

Real Estate Developers

Steer maintains your reputation as a reliable real estate developer by helping you ensure on-time and high-quality delivery of your project

General Contractor

General Contractors

Steer empowers you to tightly monitor how site materials, labor, and equipment are utilized so you avoid wasting a lot of money

Gain insights from fellow business leaders on digital construction management

Ensure successful Quality-Driven Construction and put an end to budget overages and delays!

Featured Solutions

Manage ground-up or fit-out construction projects on your mobile phone or laptop


Project Progress Monitoring

Improve visibility of schedules and deliverables across site, HQ, clients & contractors


Materials Management

Have a better grip on materials requisition, receiving, and usage across your
project sites


Punch/Snag List Management

Assure quality output and avoid handover delays via progressive & mobile-based punch/snag list management


Finally, a construction management solution that fits you like a glove

Stop force-fitting software (made for other types of companies) into your operations and make the switch to Steer


Enable data-driven decision making
through easy visualization

Most construction management software are mainly online versions of shared spreadsheets. With Steer, go beyond collaboration & empower all stakeholders to make the best decisions possible through a robust BI Dashboard for each construction project

Standard Charts & Graphs

Standard Charts & Graphs

Steer offers an expertly-curated set of charts & graphs based on construction project management best practices. These give all the key project information (materials & labor, schedule & progress, quality, safety, etc.)

Custom Charts and Graphs

Custom Charts & Graphs

Depending on your requirements, dashboards can be easily configured in Steer through its chart builder, to help you visualize different pieces of information that is valuable to your team, coming from various selected data sources

Awards & Recognitions

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We don’t just sell a construction management software, we ensure digital success

Guaranteeing and maximizing the benefits of going digital is oftentimes left out by tech companies. At Steer, our in-house Digital Success Team works in tandem with you to not only rollout solutions but guarantee that the expected returns on investment are exceeded.

Kickoff meeting with one of our clients

Define digital goals for your business

Collaboratively rollout solutions aligned with your goals

Continuously get support, track results & introduce enhancements

Monitor everything about your construction sites in one place

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Your Digital Playbook

Get all the insights you need on digital transformation for construction project management


A Podcast on Everything Construction Project Management & Technology

Tune in & learn how technology is changing the future of construction!

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Find out how you can immediately address your most pressing business challenges and run your entire company on Steer


Put an end to budget overages and delays!

Ensure quality-driven construction with Steer, so your company can address each project’s biggest risks

Resources to Drive Digital Transformation

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Steer Go Digital Blog

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About Steer

Steer is a construction management software designed for residential & commercial construction projects. It synchronizes various activities, stakeholders, and systems in one easy-to-use platform.

With Steer, real estate developers, project management consultants, and builders gain greater visibility of construction projects anytime, anywhere, and on any device (mobile, tablet, or laptop).​

Steer is complete & extendible, offers fast setup & implementation, and features unparalleled flexibility to fit any company type or size.

Steer’s solutions (coming from 30+ modules) include Project Progress Monitoring, Punch Listing, Site Materials Tracking, Inspection Checklists, Design Clarifications, and Change Order Management.​

Steer (as well as the QuickReach no-code platform behind it) was created by the same team behind BlastAsia, one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and a long-time Microsoft Partner.