Your fast lane to great customer experiences

Build custom self-service apps in weeks - without writing a single line of code



Drive customer engagement & operational excellence with Steer

Enable businesses to quickly build an app that is fully integrated to their backend - without expensive engineers - in weeks.

  • Cover multiple workflows of business processes

  • Enable deep integration to backend systems

  • Add process automation to replace repetitive manual tasks

Key Features of The Platform to Build Apps

Customer Access Builder

Provide customers branded apps, web forms, and e-commerce or chatbot channels

Customer Access Builder

Form & Process Designer

Process Automation & Integration

Report Builder

Key Features Available to Customers & Employees

Web and Mobile Apps

Empower customers and employees to with tools like eSignature, geolocation, image capture & code scanning

Web and Mobile Apps

Dashboards and Reports

Work Scheduler & Checklist

Bot, AI and IOT Assist

Easily Get Started with Steer

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through a guided tour with

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Field Service Management

Grow your installation, maintenance, and repair service business

through connected field service management

Steer’s Field Service Management solution works for businesses at any size, type, and business model:

  • HVAC Services

  • Heavy Machinery & Automotive Services

  • Engine MRO

  • Engineering Services

  • Facilities Maintenance

  • Residential Maintenance

How Steer Works

Steer is a no-code development platform that enables swift and easy creation 
of solutions - whether it’s stand-alone workflows or record app or a collection of apps

Created with Steer

Digital Solutions built on the Steer platform spans across industries and departments, whether you start from scratch or build using one of our templates

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Farmer’s cooperative OzGroup from Australia is using Steer to drive their journey towards becoming a connected enterprise

Jumpstart your Company’s

Digital Transformation using

Service Design & No-Code


What Makes Steer Users Successful?

Steer is the easiest, most agile way to transform your paper-based operations into a digital workspace. Here are the advantages of using Steer versus other options:

Better than paperwork

Replace tedious & error-prone manual processes with streamlined workflows

Reduce operational costs

Improve customer experience

Empower employees to work anywhere

Boost overall data


Convert data into actionable insights

Faster than coding

Easily build a working, scalable, and secure solution in hours (not months)

Access free solution templates

Worry-free maintenance & hosting

Instantly make changes &


Enterprise-grade security out of the box

Enable business users to


Richer than other platforms

Address more complex solution requirements without breaking the bank

Much more advanced form design

Robust automation & integration

Modern & highly-scalable architecture

AI and IoT add-ons


Get stellar customer success services

Our Design Thinking-Based Approach

At the heart of Steer is bringing a service design blueprint to life
through customer-centric digital solutions

Steer Central

Resources to Drive Digital Transformation

Join the Kickstarting Digital Transformation Through Design Thinking + No-Code workshop designed to equip business and IT leaders with the right knowledge to ensure successful digital transformation using design thinking and no-code

Kickstarting Digital Transformation Through Design Thinking + No-Code 



Security & Compliance

Learn all about no-code and how it can help your business

The Ultimate Guide to No-Code Development


About Steer

The Steer Team seeks to help you create enormous business value – along with creating potentially life-changing experiences for customers.

We at Steer envision a world where innovators like you are not restricted by the inability to write code in order to create impactful digital solutions.

We have built a platform that allows you and your team to create and experiment with powerful digital solutions that address business challenges, create great customer experiences and cater to new markets that were not viable before. We strive to work with you to build a better world - one digital solution at a time.

Steer was created by the same team behind BlastAsia. Established in 2001, BlastAsia is one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and is ISO-certified in Quality Management Systems and in Information Security Management Systems. BlastAsia is also a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development and Cloud Platform.







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