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Steer offers a mobile-first field work management solution for construction, repair, and maintenance

Supercharge Growth. NOW.

50% Higher RevenuesHigher Revenues
from efficient technician utilization

30% Better First-Time Fix RateBetter First-Time Fix Rate
from smart management & technician tools

10% SavingsSavings
from lower parts theft

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Oz Group
Asia Pacific Marine
Total Water Solutions

Transform Various Construction
Management Activities

Transform Various Construction Management Activities

Grow and Streamline
Your Field Service Business

Drive Team Efficiency


  • Enable field staff to do their best work through checklists, guides, customer signoffs

  • Easy mobile & web tools to manage various service delivery workflows and related business processes

  • Track team activity, inventory, and overall performance through dashboards & custom reports

Catalyze Digital Transformation
  • Rollout solutions in as fast as a few hours

  • Enable business users/process owners to build their own solutions

  • Easily connect Steer to existing systems to maximize existing investments and create an end-to-end digital enterprise

Achieve Full Visibility


  • Manage various departments and see key business metrics in one place - service delivery, procurement, accounts, etc.

  • Drive customer satisfaction through direct access to your offerings and faster & higher-quality delivery of services

  • Future-proof your business with a system that fits your processes and easily adapts to ever-changing business conditions

Your operations deserve a unique software. Go digital better
the no-code way

Get all the benefits of a custom software minus the headache, delays, and steep price tag

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Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire and Safety

The Steer No-Code Difference

It’s time to bring true digital transformation in your operations
with Steer as your go-to process automation tool

Boost Agility-3

Boost Agility

Take an agile, iterative approach to digital transformation by building software with better flexibility & fit to your unique processes

Expand Value of Core Systems-1

Expand Value of Core Systems

Integrate Steer with your existing systems so that you can extend their value to all stakeholders and maximize past investments

Start Small and Grow-1

Start Small and Grow

With Steer’s modular nature, you can fully digitalize the most critical processes first then move to other functions

Create a Digitalized Operations in Weeks, Not Years

Stop making do with ready-to-use software that doesn’t fit your needs and ground-up development that leaves you waiting and spending too much.

Steer helps you go digital with speed, ease, and flexibility.

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Find out how you can immediately address your most pressing business challenges and run your entire company on Steer

Created with Steer 

Digital Solutions built on the Steer platform span across industries and departments,
whether you start from scratch or build using one of our templates

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Farmer’s cooperative OzGroup from Australia is using Steer to drive their journey towards becoming a connected enterprise

Empower everyone to build your digital enterprise

Steer’s no-code operations digitalization platform can be used by business users, freeing you from the headaches in finding & keeping skilled software developers

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Discover Implementation Partners and Apps to enrich your Steer Experience

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Resources to Drive Digital Transformation

DX Academy

DX Academy

Get FREE access to video lessons on going digital and become a Certified Solutions Adviser or Certified Builder

Transforming Maintenance, Repair and Operations Through No-code eBook

Transforming Maintenance, Repair and Operations Through No-code eBook

Read about the importance of digital transformation and how a customizable suite of MRO solutions can start a company's journey in becoming future-ready.

Steer unveils MRO Suite to help companies digitalize maintenance operations

Steer unveils MRO Suite to help companies digitalize maintenance operations

Steer extends its offerings to the MRO segment which includes maintenance/repair work in the field as well as on the job floor.

About Steer

Steer offers an all-in-one software for commercial & residential HVAC, construction, plumbing and other field service businesses. Features include Marketing & Sales, Operations, Customer Service, and Reporting. Everything in Steer is fully customizable, no coding required.

Steer helps companies in four areas – grow sales through better lead generation & selling tools,​ boost operations in the field or at the HQ,​ create unbeatable customer experiences,​ and generate actionable insights in real time.

Steer was created by the same team behind BlastAsia. Established in 2001, BlastAsia is one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development and Cloud Platform.