Be More In Control with Connected Construction

Steer provides real-time insights on construction projects and enables smarter decision-making at all levels


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Steer connects the dots across a construction project and provides a single source of truth at all levels

Say goodbye to siloed systems, friction in cross-team communication, and delayed decision-making with a holistic construction management software

Thread Activities into Solutions

Thread Activities
into Solutions

Connect any of our modules (28 and counting) with each other and with your existing systems to get accurate & up-to-date information anytime, anywhere, and on any device

Enable Collaboration


Empower site & HQ teams, executives, contractors, architects & designers, and customers relevant, permission-based information and the ability to add inputs, interact with others, and approve items

Generate Insights


Process information like never before, look at your projects in all possible angles, and equip decision makers with tools that would help arrive at the best possible decisions


Steer synchronizes various aspects of your operations to drive efficiency like never before

Connect and align all construction activities and stakeholders in one platform

EPC Contractors

EPC Contractors

Steer drives cost savings and profitability through tighter control of materials use and greater visibility across various aspects of your project



Steer ensures project success through greater visibility and collaborative decision-making by providing real-time project status across site, HQ & clients

Fit-Out Contractors

Fit-Out Contractors

Steer provides thorough schedule & deliverables monitoring and streamlined inspection & snagging to drive efficiency in office/retail fit-out projects


Connected Construction: different modules working together to solve critical business needs

Field and Work Schedule

Field Work & Schedule

Stay on top of deliverables through project dashboards, GANTT, and ad hoc task management and ensure site safety through better accident reporting

Design Coordination

Design Coordination

Have faster RFI/design clarifications, annotations on 2D drawings, easier version control, and view your project’s BIM on your desktop or mobile device

Materials Management

Materials Management

Upload your project’s Materials Master List/BOQ/BOM, streamline inventory management, and instantly see how deliverables affect materials use & cost

Labor and Equipment

Labor & Equipment

Monitor all the equipment and tools being used by the team and also enable more efficient scheduling of shared/specialized resources


Quality & Safety

Streamline inspection processes - whether it’s for progress monitoring or occupational safety and health compliance or for punch/snag list

Change Order

Change Orders

Enable easy logging, approval, and monitoring of change requests and be able to clearly see how a change request will impact timelines & budgets


Stop throwing money down the drain and funnel it into profits

Gain full visibility and control over your construction business with an all-in-one tool like Steer

Adopt best practices and be standards-compliant

By standardizing your project management practices with a construction management software like Steer, be confident that you can still deliver high-quality results despite constraints in time and cost. Using Steer is your first step towards becoming PMI or ISO-compliant.

Adopt best practices and be standards-compliant


Enable data-driven decision making
through easy visualization

Most construction management software are mainly online versions of shared spreadsheets. With Steer, go beyond collaboration & empower all stakeholders to make the best decisions possible through a robust BI Dashboard for each construction project

Standard Charts and Graphs

Standard Charts & Graphs

Steer offers an expertly-curated set of charts & graphs based on construction project management best practices. These give all the key project information (materials & labor, schedule & progress, quality, safety, etc.)

Custom Charts and Graphs

Custom Charts & Graphs

Depending on your requirements, dashboards can be easily configured in Steer through its chart builder, to help you visualize different pieces of information that is valuable to your team, coming from various selected data sources

100% configurable, no coding required!

Easily custom-fit forms and workflows to your processes without having to write a single line of code

We don’t just sell a construction management software, we ensure digital success

Guaranteeing and maximizing the benefits of going digital is oftentimes left out by tech companies. At Steer, our in-house Digital Success Team works in tandem with you to not only rollout solutions but guarantee that the expected returns on investment are exceeded.

Learn more about our digital success offerings >
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Define digital goals for your business

Collaboratively rollout solutions aligned with your goals

Continuously get support, track results & introduce enhancements

Monitor everything about your construction sites in one place

Find out how DM Casteel is addressing its biggest business challenges with Steer ➡️

Know the Secrets to Driving Up Profitability in Construction

Know the Secrets to Driving Up Profitability in Construction

Learn how digital technology can drive up to a 100% increase in profitability for a construction company, from saving costs, removing headache-inducing inefficiencies, and increasing productivity in G&A operations. Join the webinar on select Fridays of every month



Under the hood is the powerful QuickReach no-code platform

Steer is built on the QuickReach No-Code Platform that offers easy integration & business rule-based automations as well as solution templates for other departments so you can achieve a company-wide digital transformation.

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Resources to Drive Digital Transformation

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Steer Go Digital Blog

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Steer in the Media

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About Steer

Modernize your business and be more productive, in control, and profitable with Steer’s construction management software. Steer takes a holistic approach to construction management by synchronizing various aspects of construction projects, stakeholders, and systems. With Steer, you will gain unbeatable visibility and a better understanding of your construction projects anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Steer’s modules – which can be rolled out in your company in different phases – include:

Resource Management, Workflow, Communication & Mobility, Quality, Safety, & Risk, Automation & Integration, Visualization, and Advanced Tech.

Steer (as well as the QuickReach no-code platform behind it) was created by the same team behind BlastAsia. Established in 2001, BlastAsia is one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development, Application Integration, and Cloud Platform.