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Keep tabs of key areas in your construction projects and provide all stakeholders with the right information anytime, anywhere

Construction Management Analytics Solutions

Homebase by Steer is your one-stop construction program management solution

Homebase is a Program Management Solution for construction project owners & funders, serving as a place for all stakeholders to converge and get relevant & up-to-date information on mega-projects.

Whether it’s a large public infrastructure project, or an industrial development project, Homebase by Steer connects projects, apps, and stakeholders in one place and provides a single source of truth on progress, contracts, and resources

The Challenges of Construction Mega-Projects

Homebase addresses top problems plaguing public agencies and private organizations who are managing and/or funding large construction projects

Project Progress Monitoring and Analytics_Project Progress Monitoring

Having a Tight Grip
on Progress

It’s tough to get a bird’s eye-view of progress among parallel projects across geographies

Tracking Compliance to Contracts

Tracking Compliance to Contracts

Regulatory & compliance requirements as per contract terms can be difficult to monitor

Providing Transparency to All Stakeholders

Providing Transparency to All Stakeholders

Giving transparent reports & updates to internal & external stakeholders is difficult

Construction Management Software for Green Construction

Manage processes for net-zero initiatives, ultimately contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Construction Management Software for Green Construction

Inside Homebase

Give owners, funders, contractors, and the general public pertinent information to manage construction mega-projects more efficiently

Construction Management Analytics Solutions

A Centralized Portal accessible to stakeholders (project owners, funders, vendors, consultants and in some cases, the general public) with custom access levels 

A Centralized Data Warehouse that pulls and stores data from various sources

Analytics & Reporting functionality to provide data visualizations for easier data-driven decision-making

How Homebase Works

Various areas of a construction mega-project are brought together to give transparent and relevant information to the right stakeholder


Transparency For All Stakeholders of Construction Mega-Projects

Homebase is designed to gather data from various tools and bring it all together in a single platform that each kind of project stakeholder can access

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About Steer

Steer is a construction management software that helps companies grow their business without losing control. Steer is designed to cater to all kinds of construction companies: Builders & General Contractors, Real Estate Developer-Owners, and Construction Managers. It provides greater visibility over all risk areas in construction projects - anytime, anywhere, and on any device - and brings all construction project activities and stakeholders together in one place.

Steer also offers a dedicated Customer Success Team to ensure that implementation is tailor-fit to end-users’ needs. 

Steer’s products (coming from 30+ solutions) include Project Management, Site Resource Management, Contract Management, and Maintenance & Operations. 

Steer (as well as the QuickReach no-code platform behind it) was created by the same team behind BlastAsia, one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and has partners and offices in North & South America, India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.