Digital Construction Management: 

A Guide for Builders and General Contractors

Steer eBook 2023 - A Guide for Builders

Are you a Builder looking to improve your project management skills & overcome challenges like budget constraints and supply chain disruptions? 

The field of construction is highly complex and requires careful planning, effective management, and efficient execution to complete projects successfully. Unfortunately, builders often face significant challenges such as running over budget and facing supply chain disruptions that can derail their progress and impact their bottom line.

This is where Digital Construction Management: A Guide for Builders can be extremely helpful. This ebook is specifically designed to assist builders in overcoming their most significant challenges in inventory management, cost control, and project budgeting.

By downloading this ebook, builders can gain access to practical tips and tricks that can help them stay on top of costs, improve inventory management, and keep projects on budget. 

Download this ebook now and learn how you can leverage technology in your resource management.


Stay on top of your game in 2023 and beyond

Discover how you can ensure real-time cost control to protect your profits through digital resource management solutions


About Steer

Steer is a construction management software that fits the needs of Real Estate Developer-Owners, Project Management Consultants, and Builders - making implementation easy, fast, and successful. Steer provides visibility over all risk areas in construction projects - anytime, anywhere, and on any device.​ It brings all construction project activities and stakeholders together in one place, to combat inefficiencies and lack of timely control

What sets Steer apart is the unparalleled flexibility, which makes it complete & extendible, fast to implement, and customizable to your needs.

Steer’s products (coming from 30+ solutions) include Project Management, Site Resource Management, Subscontractor Management, Finance, and Post-Construction.

Steer (as well as the QuickReach no-code platform behind it) was created by the same team behind BlastAsia, one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development, Application Integration, and Cloud Platform.