Optimize Site Equipment Utilization for On-Time & Cost-Efficient Projects

Stay on top of site equipment requirements, schedules, and costs to deliver projects on time and within budget​

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Steer’s Equipment Utilization Solution Helps You Effectively Monitor Equipment Usage and Costs

Have unparalleled visibility on equipment availability & utilization to control costs & avoid delays

Track equipment

Find out if it’s cheaper
to buy or rent

Keep tabs on rental costs &
inter-site charging

Site Materials Management Software
that fits your needs as a builder

Three things we like about Steer:
- it’s flexible
- it’s easy to setup
- and it’s user-friendly

Roberto Nuez
Community Developers & Construction Corporation (A PHINMA Company)

How the Solution Works

1. Requesting for an equipment

Steer makes it easy for teams to submit and track requests for equipment.

Using the equipment utilization solution, the process engineer requests an equipment and specifies the type, quantity, and date when it is needed.

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2. Approval of request

The supervisor reviews the ticket submitted and checks whether it matches the project’s requirements before approving.

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3. Equipment Tagging and Availability Check

The equipment department checks the availability and tags the available equipment to the project and the date of use

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Maintain quality and make sure you handover projects on time

Steer is MODULAR - this means it can be rolled out quickly to solve your most pressing challenges in construction management

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4. Equipment Contract and PO Encoding

In case of outsourcing unavailable equipment, the procurement office furnishes the equipment contract and encodes the purchase order for equipment rental

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5. Equipment Receiving

Once all are processed by the equipment and/or the procurement department, the equipment are endorsed to warehouse for proper storage until release

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6. Equipment Releasing

The process engineer gets notified once the equipment are available for usage and the equipment gets released to them

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Save $4,500 in your first month!

We know how difficult it is to find a solution that addresses your needs in order to combat inefficiencies and lack of timely control. We’ve got the right one for you.

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About Steer

Steer is a construction management software designed for residential & commercial construction projects. It synchronizes various activities, stakeholders, and systems in one easy-to-use platform

With Steer, real estate developers, project management consultants, and builders gain greater visibility of construction projects anytime, anywhere, and on any device (mobile, tablet, or laptop).​

Steer is complete & extendible, offers fast setup & implementation, and features unparalleled flexibility to fit any company type or size.

Steer’s solutions (coming from 30+ modules) include Project Progress Monitoring, Punch Listing, Site Materials Tracking, Inspection Checklists, Design Clarifications, and Change Order Management.​

Steer was created by the same team behind BlastAsia, one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and a long-time Microsoft Partner.