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Maximize Productivity and Quality Assurance with Progressive Punch Listing

Work progressively on punch list items to ensure on-time and seamless project closeout 

Steer’s Progressive Punch Listing Software Helps You Optimize Punch Listing & Rework Processes

Efficiently record and assign punch list items to contractors and subcontractors to ensure timely  project completion

Take photos and log issues quickly via mobile

Take photos and log issues quickly via mobile

Easily categorize identify causes of issues and assign to contractors for rework

Easily categorize, identify causes of issues, and assign to contractors for rework

ICO__Closely monitor issue status and see before and after documentation

Closely monitor issue status and see before-&-after documentation

Progressive Punch Listing Software
that fits your needs as a Project Manager

Three things we like about Steer:
- it’s flexible
- it’s easy to setup
- and it’s user-friendly

Roberto Nuez

Community Developers & Construction Corporation (A PHINMA Company)

How the Solution Works

1. Taking photos using mobile

During the inspection, easily document items that need rework. Using the app on a tablet or mobile phone, take a snapshot of defects to add them to the punch list.


2. Add punch list details

Continue to add the details of the issues, including their locations. This creates a detailed guide of what needs to be repaired and makes rework more convenient.

On-Site Inspection​

 Maintain quality and make sure you handover projects on time 

Steer is MODULAR - this means it can be rolled out quickly to solve your most pressing challenges in construction management


3. Rework/Addressing the Punch List Items

See identified punch list items and assign workers and/or subcontractors to address the issues. Once done, it will then be subjected to a second inspection.

Rework/Addressing Punch List

4. Processing of Retainage Fees

Steer ensures that your fees are collected. Once all punch list items have passed the second inspection, it then triggers the processing of retainage fees.

Cleared Work Package For Full or Partial Payment

Save $4,500 in your first month!

Get significant productivity gains and project cost savings by saying goodbye to inefficient paperwork and using Steer!


Other construction activities that can be managed on Steer


Payable Management

Project Finance

Accounting Integration


Accomplishment Report

Contract Management

Bidding & Tendering

Invoicing & Claims


Testing & Commissioning

Asset Management

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About Steer

Steer is a construction management software that synchronizes various aspects of construction projects, stakeholders, and systems. With Steer, you will gain unbeatable visibility of your construction projects anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Steer’s flagship solutions include Project Progress Monitoring, Punch List Management, and Materials Management.

Its 27 modules span Field Work & Schedule, Design Coordination, Materials, Labor & Equipment, Change Orders, and Quality & Safety.

Steer (as well as the QuickReach no-code platform behind it) was created by the same team behind BlastAsia, one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development, Application Integration, and Cloud Platform.