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Manage Risks &
Protect Reputation

Modular and interconnected progress monitoring solutions to have a single source of truth for your projects

Project Management

Construction Project Management Software
that fits your needs as a developer-owner or PMC

With competition in real estate heating up, maintaining quality and making sure you handover projects on time has never been more critical. We’ve got the right solutions for you!

We conducted a survey (on Steer) and the feedback was good; it is designed for a construction company.

Roberto Nuez

Community Developers & Construction Corporation (A PHINMA Company)


Inspection & Progress Reporting

Streamline inspection processes and ensure high-quality output from contractors and subcontractors

Auto-triggerring of inspection requests from task completion
Inspection checklist
Initiate RFPs for completed and inspected work packages and/or milestones
Monitoring of defect resolution


Progressive Punch Listing

Assure quality output and avoid handover delays through mobile punch list management

Photo-taking of snags/issues on-site 
Categorization and aging of snags/issues
Identification of causes of snags by type of project & correlate snags with subcontractor and compare with benchmarks
Taking of before and after photos of the snags/issues has been rectified

Punch Listing

Safety Management

Get real-time compliance & safety inspection to ensure that materials and work comply with ​project specifications and quality requirements

Daily site inspection for progress, quality, and safety
Quality control inspections for materials and work executed
Health and safety inspection and incident reporting
Compliance checklist such as for excavations, foundations, etc.

Compliance and Safety

Extendible Project Management Solutions to Maximize Your Current Tools

Steer’s construction project management software can be connected to other existing software so you can expand their value and have a holistic tool to manage your projects

Ensure successful Quality-Driven Construction and put an end to budget overages and delays!

Change Order Management

Streamline approval of change orders and gain clarity on their impact on project timelines and budgets

Change order requisition
Cost, schedule, and compliance & LCA impact estimation
Change order approval
Project plan & BOQ updates

Change Order

RFI Coordination

Have close coordination between you and your contractors to prevent unnecessary delays

RFI Design Clarifications between contractors & designers
Annotations directly on design drawings for As-Build Plans
Version controls
BIM viewer with tree view layers

Design Coordination

Compliance Checklists

Monitor processes surrounding regulatory compliance through custom checklists and workflows

Regulatory Compliance

Get 160% ROI from staff productivity gains
just by reducing paperwork

Steer’s construction project management solutions can easily give you the returns while making everyone’s daily lives so much better

Better collaboration and real-time visibility

Better collaboration & real-time visibility across all teams (field, HQ, and external)

Single Source of Truth

Single source of truth for project progress reporting

Reduce Risks

Enable a quality-centric approach to reduce risks (delays & cost overruns)


Finally, a construction project management software that fits developer-owners & project management consultants like a glove

Stop force-fitting software (made for other types of companies) into your operations and make the switch to Steer


Custom Forms

Custom Processes

Custom Reports


Easiest-to-Implement Construction Project Management Solutions

We know how difficult it is to find a solution that addresses your needs in order to combat inefficiencies and lack of timely control. We’ve got the right one for you.


Enable data-driven decision making
through easy visualization

Most construction management software are mainly online versions of shared spreadsheets. With Steer, go beyond collaboration & empower all stakeholders to make the best decisions possible through a robust BI Dashboard for each construction project

Standard Charts & Graphs

Standard Charts & Graphs

Steer offers an expertly-curated set of charts & graphs based on construction project management best practices. These give all the key project information (materials & labor, schedule & progress, quality, safety, etc.)

Custom Charts and Graphs

Custom Charts & Graphs

Depending on your requirements, dashboards can be easily configured in Steer through its chart builder, to help you visualize different pieces of information that is valuable to your team, coming from various selected data sources

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About Steer

Steer is a construction management software that fits the needs of Real Estate Developer-Owners, Project Management Consultants, and Builders - making implementation easy, fast, and successful. Steer provides visibility over all risk areas in construction projects - anytime, anywhere, and on any device.​ It brings all construction project activities and stakeholders together in one place, to combat inefficiencies and lack of timely control

What sets Steer apart is the unparalleled flexibility, which makes it complete & extendible, fast to implement, and customizable to your needs.

Steer’s products (coming from 30+ solutions) include Project Management, Site Resource Management, Subscontractor Management, Finance, and Post-Construction.

Steer (as well as the QuickReach no-code platform behind it) was created by the same team behind BlastAsia, one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and a Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development, Application Integration, and Cloud Platform.