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Bring your construction project’s activities and stakeholders in one place and ensure successful implementation


The Steer Platform

The Steer Platform

Steer can be used by different stakeholders in a construction project, whether it’s a private build or public works. It’s designed to enable fast and data-driven collaboration and decision-making anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Steer’s platform provides a comprehensive suite of construction management solutions including project management, site resource management, and financial management. This side of the platform is powered by a no-code engine behind, providing unparalleled customizability of forms and workflows.

In addition to these solutions, it also offers a B2B marketplace that is tightly connected with a project’s Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and analytics for mega-projects and developers with several projects running at the same time. These two offerings are powered by an automated software development tool that allows fast and easy customization as well.

Three things we like about Steer:

- it’s flexible
- it’s easy to setup
- and it’s user-friendly

Roberto Nuez
Community Developers & Construction Corporation (A PHINMA Company)

The Easiest and Fastest to Implement Construction Management Solution

With Steer, it takes as fast as a few days to drive up efficiency, improve quality, and ultimately avoid delays & cost overruns


What makes Steer special?

How do we ensure that Steer fits your current needs and progressively address other areas of your company? We built Steer solutions to be easily customizable to ensure successful implementation across your organization.

The big tech adoption problem

Adopting construction software has not been easy for most construction companies.

Driven by the pandemic, rising costs of materials, and shortage of labor, construction industry players started exploring digital tools in the market. However, end-user adoption turned out the be the biggest hurdle of companies big and small.

Many of the customers we talked to have tried one or more platforms yet failed in implementation. Some even equated construction software to ‘gym membership’ – something you know you need but rarely use.

The big tech adoption

What makes software difficult to adopt?

Most software in the market are cookie-cutter products that can hardly be customized - but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s Difficult to Use
Many products require extensive training for its end-users, meaning they weren’t designed to be easy-to-use

Disconnect with Systems & Teams
The team & systems at the headquarters and those at the job site oftentimes are siloed and are not integrated

Failure in Adapting to Project Nuances
No two projects are the same, so how can s solution work without addressing these unique differences?

What makes software difficult to adopt?

How is Steer solving this problem?

Steer’s core technologies (no-code and automated software development) offers a higher chance of successful technology adoption.

Quick Wins
Steer modules can be rolled out in 2 weeks or less, and requires little to no training because it is designed to be user-friendly and similarly close to the current processes of each project team so they won’t feel “lost” when using it.

Single Source of Truth
Steer is used by all project participants: your team at the head office, the on-site team, as well as external stakeholders. This way, everyone is in sync with the right information anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Project-Level Customization
Steer allows project-level customization of modules to fit unique process & data needs of various project participants. This customization can be done in as fast as a few hours because it requires no coding from our team.

How is Steer solving this problem?

Ensure Successful Implementation through Fast & Easy Customization

With Steer, we want to ensure that your end-users would love using our solutions. That’s why we enable fast & easy customization across all of our modules.


Solutions that fit your needs

Bring all construction project activities and stakeholders together to maintain control as your projects continue to grow

Builders &
General Contractors

Steer empowers you to tightly monitor how site resources are used so you avoid wasting a lot of money

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Construction Project Managers

Steer improves your competitiveness through greater visibility of your project’s risk areas

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Steer maintains your reputation as a developer-owner by ensuring on-time and high-quality projects

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Steer helps bring together all information across all areas and phases of mega-projects available to stakeholders

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Steer improves transparency in progress & budget spend among government projects


Flagship Solutions to Boost Visibility Across All Your Construction Projects

Different teams managing construction projects can use Steer in many ways and on any device - whether smart phone, tablet, or laptop

Project Management

Improve visibility of schedules and deliverables across site, HQ, clients & contractors

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Resource Management

Have a better grip on materials, labor, and equipment usage across your project sites

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Consolidate data from multiple projects and external sources to generate custom reports for various stakeholders

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About Steer

Steer is a construction management software designed for residential & commercial construction projects. It synchronizes various activities, stakeholders, and systems in one easy-to-use platform

With Steer, real estate developers, project management consultants, and builders gain greater visibility of construction projects anytime, anywhere, and on any device (mobile, tablet, or laptop).​

Steer is complete & extendible, offers fast setup & implementation, and features unparalleled flexibility to fit any company type or size.

Steer’s solutions (coming from 30+ modules) include Project Progress Monitoring, Punch Listing, Site Materials Tracking, Inspection Checklists, Design Clarifications, and Change Order Management.​

Steer was created by the same team behind BlastAsia, one of the largest software product engineering companies in the Philippines and a long-time Microsoft Partner.